When your personality comes to serve the energy that is your soul, no one can touch you. That is authentic power. It comes from within. It radiates. People can feel it. It’s powerful. Magnetic. And best of all, no one can take it away from you.


What is your soul? Simply put, it’s the energy that is you. The real you – not the external physical you. You are not your body or your mind. You are a soul. You have a body and a mind.

Authentic power

Did you know that most of the time we are reaching for external power, which is not powerful at all? A job title, a bigger paycheck, a better car, better clothes — fame. Those things certainly seem to make you feel better – for a short while. But they are all external and have nothing to do with who you really are. The real you. They have nothing to do with your soul. Authentic power. They have more to do with how others perceive you. What you project. Ego. You are not your ego. You have an ego.


Most intentions are fear based. Gary Zukav explains intention at UCLA in a 2017 talk here. He describes intention as a motivation, an energy that infuses a word or a deed – the real reason you do something. There are really only two core intentions – love and fear. Fear based intentions carry the energy of manipulation and control (taking). Love based intentions carry the energy of adding to and contribution (giving).

Ever hear of Newton’s third law of motion? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Let’s try it a different way.

The energy you are putting out is always coming back at you. Exploit the world and you will experience being exploited. For every wave that crashes ashore, there is an equally if not more powerful rip current taking the water back out into the ocean. Ever been stuck in one? Then you know how powerful they can be.

Choose love

Choose your actions and reactions carefully – they are creating your reality, your daily experiences, your interactions with others and the world – your rip current. Choose your reaction to any situation from the highest and best place from within yourself. From your heart. From a place of love. Not fear.

— END —

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