The things don’t matter. The memories do.

Every ‘thing’ serves a function, but mostly they serve a memory attached to that thing.


That’s why the self-storage industry is a multi-billion dollar business. People aren’t storing things, they’re storing memories.

Ever hung onto something for a really long time. Even though it doesn’t really suit your taste anymore – and you don’t even really need it? Me too. All the time. Until one day, I just let go of it. For reasons I can’t explain.

There are some things I may never get rid of. Toys from when I was a kid (memories of childhood). Furniture pieces from decades ago (memories of a former home and good design). Shirts (memories of occasions). Shoes (even old ones I save for months if not years before letting go).


Those things all remind me of a time in my life. Or people. Or places. They’re proof for where I’ve been. Maybe where I don’t want to go back to. Perhaps even where I’m going.

The things themselves don’t matter, but the memories do.

Side note: the photo above was taken in 1999 and shows the actual furniture I mentioned next to my old Volkswagon Jetta (that I bought 100% because of this VW commercial).


But what about the design? Does it matter? Yes. Even moreso than the thing. The design is why we acquire the thing.

Design comes from the heart. It might start in the mind as in idea, but deep down every thing came from not having it in the first place. The thing came from a desire. For something to look a certain way. To function a certain way. To serve a need. To physically manifest someone’s own self expression.

Self expression transcends the thing, and transfers that expression to the person who acquires it – then becoming part of that person’s self expression.

We connect to things through our senses. Our eyes, ears, nose, mouth – the way it feels in our hands. The way those five things come together to leave an impression on our hearts.

The same way those things are felt by our senses – they are designed with the identical ones by somebody else.

Human > spirit

Our humanness is what makes us the same. Our differences are illusory. We are spirits having a human experience. In the real world, the soul world, the consciousness, the energy – nothing physical or tangible exists.  

The next time you look at a thing, especially if you connect with it, think about where it came from (figuratively). The person who designed it. Why they chose that particular color, shape, sound, smell – that particular style.

They did it less so you would buy it. And more because it served a deeper meaning to them. To share themselves with you and with others. With the world. To leave something behind.

A memory of our own making.

— END —

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